Dishes you cannot miss when visiting Panama

There are all kinds of traditional dishes in Panama that are very craved by its visitors. Here we offer a good list and descriptions of them, so you can enjoy them in your next trip to the city:

Breakfasts: consist mainly of tortilla, eggs and filets.

The sancocho: a soup made from various kinds of meats and tubers such as yam, yucca and corn.

You can also find a delectable assortment of dishes that include: the tamales, a traditional corn dough wrapped in plantain leaves; the chicken and rice; the seafood rice stew; the carimañolas; the yucca empanadas stuffed with meat; the guacho; the fried delicacies made from yucca or corn and cooked; and the Ropa Vieja, that is a shredded meat stew with tomato, onion and garlic.

The seafood flavors are always present in the Panamanian cuisine. We can find lobsters, octopuses, and fishes like the sea bass cooked with coconut sauce or as ceviche.

One of its traditional dessert dishes is the Sopa de Borracha, that is a sweet delicacy prepared with vanilla, bathed in liquor and covered with raisins.

Regarding beverages, fruit juices are very popular as well as some local beers and rums recognized and sold all over the world.

All this without setting aside that coffee is always present as the quintessential drink in the region.

This way, in Panama you can also please your palate with an exquisite cuisine. And in Las Américas Golden Tower, we are very close to the Panamanian culture and we have the best gastronomy that the country has to offer.