Beer? wine? Learn how to choose drinks for every occasion

Choosing the right beverage is just as important as dressing accordingly for any event. No matter if we are hosts, guests, or just partaking with friends, partners or spouses, choosing the right drink is something that needs to be thought thoroughly. Here we offer a list with the best choices:

Champagne: The quintessential beverage for a toast. It is perfect for very formal dinner and special occasions as weddings or the New Year’s Eve.

Beer: Perfect if you are watching sports events like the Soccer’s World Cup or the NBA finals with friends or while enjoying outdoor activities.

Cocktails: Best for romantic dates, for savoring before dinner and for socializing with colleagues after a very hectic work day.

Wine: Very good as gifts if you have been invited to a home-hosted dinner.

Red Wine: Best to accompany grilled red meats.

White or Rosé Wine: Ideal to be paired with seafood and fish.

Sangria: A cold and refreshing beverage to enjoy specially during summer afternoons.

Scotch Whisky: Ideally offered at parties with relaxed atmospheres such as graduations, work-related social gatherings or home-hosted engagements.

Rum: A delicious aged rum can accompany multiple occasions such as parties and friend gatherings with cocktails. Or just to be enjoyed at the beach or with a good Cuban cigar.

Brandy: For formal meetings while conversing with friends and accompanied with a good Cuban cigar.
Tequila: A good shot is the best to liven yourself up at parties and clubs.

Special Revival Cocktails: You deserve a good Bloody Mary to recharge energies after a social weekend and start your week as good as new. A good Mimosa is a good choice too, as it is the preferred drink for Sunday’s brunches.
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